May 22, 2017

Terms and Conditions of Contract

Terms of use

Babel Travel & Business S.A., and / or its affiliates offer you website functions and other products and services when you visit or purchase at VISADUBAI.COM or through one of our affiliated websites.

By using the Services of Babel Travel & Business S.A., you accept these conditions. We ask you to read them carefully.

We offer a wide range of products and services and sometimes additional conditions may apply. Whenever you use any Babel Travel & Business S.A. product and / or service You will also be subject to the guidelines, terms and conditions applicated to that service. The General Conditions of the Services will prevail over these Terms of Use in case of discrepancy between the two.

The services and / or products available through Babel Travel & Business and / or VISADUBAI.COM and / or other websites of their property do not provide legal information and are not affiliated with embassies, consulates, immigration departments and / Or to the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). All the information contained in these pages including the products and / or services that are available through it, it is only informative and only represent the point of view and the opinions of the author. You (“The Customer”) assume all responsibility and / or risk of using the techniques and / or strategies described here. Always consult with an immigration expert before making any formalities before the consulate, embassy and / or government of the United Arab Emirates.

Shipping and delivery policies

The products of Babel Travel & Business S.A. Available through the website: VISADUBAI.COM and / or its affiliated websites are DIGITAL in PDF format. At the time of making a successful payment, proof of payment is automatically sent to the email address provided by the customer, who is responsible for providing complete and accurate data and references, in case of failure to provide this data, it would be cause for cancellation or Generation of shipping costs to be paid by the customer.

At the same time and automatically, the required documentation is downloaded. In case of download error, the system provides you with alternate options to obtain the requested documentation, these options are sent to the email provided by the client.

To effectively communicate and to deliver the products and / or services available through Babel Travel & Business S.A. And / or VISADUBAI.COM and / or through its affiliated websites requires the client’s complete and correct email address as well as a valid contact phone number. It will not be possible to download or hire services by our Company if the email address is not correct.

In case the the customer provides a false, incorrect or third-party email address, where the person is not known or is not located, this will cause the cancellation of the service, and could generate expenses, administratives and shiping charges that must be paid by the costumer.

Electronic Communications

By accepting the terms and conditions of Babel Travel & Business S.A. And / or whenever you use a product or send us an email, you will be communicating electronically with us. You agree to receive communications from us electronically and that we retain and use your personal information for such purposes. We will communicate with you via e-mail, notices posted on this website, the products and / or services of Babel Travel & Business S.A. Or affiliates. You agree that all contracts, notices and other notices and communications we send to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement in writing.

If you no longer wish to receive communications from Babel Travel & Business and / or any of the websites you own, you must notify Babel Travel & Business S.A. Through the contact form available on the website or simply by clicking on the link “Unsubscribe” at the bottom of all communications and / or emails sent by our Company.

Under no circumstances should the customer and / or reader classify the announcements of Babel Travel & Business S.A. Such as spam or spam. The defamation and / or negative publicity of our products and / or services will be reason enough for our Company to take legal measures as broad as the law allows against the client and reader.


All content hosted or made available through any Babel Travel & Business SA products and / or services, such as text, graphics, logos, button icons, images, audio clips, video clips, digital downloads , And compilations of data are the property of Babel Travel & Business SA Or its content providers and is protected by intellectual property laws.

Licenses and access

Subject to compliance by you (the customer / reader) with these Terms of Use as well as payment of the applicable price, if applicable, Babel Travel & Business S.A. Or its content providers grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable and non-sublicensable limited access and use license of Babel Travel & Business SA products and / or services. For non-commercial personal purposes. This license does not include any right of resale or commercial use of any of the products and / or services of Babel Travel & Business S.A. Nor of its contents; Any right to compile or use any list of products, descriptions or prices; Any right to make any use derived from the Services of Babel Travel & Business S.A. Nor of its contents; To download or copy any account information for the benefit of another company; Nor the use of tools or robots search and extract data or similar. Babel Travel & Business S.A. And its licensors, suppliers, right holders or other content providers reserve any rights that are not expressly included in these Terms and Conditions of Service and / or Use or in the General Conditions of the Services. Reproduction, duplication, copying, sale, resale or exploitation of any kind of the Services of Babel Travel & Business S.A. is not allowed. Nor of any part thereof for commercial purposes, in each case without our prior written consent. It is also not permitted to use framing or other techniques to introduce any trademark, logo or other copyrighted information (including images, text, page layouts or formats) of Babel Travel & Business S.A. Without prior written consent. The use of “meta tags” or any other “hidden text” that uses the names or trademarks of Babel Travel & Business S.A. is not permitted. Without our prior written consent. You may not make a misuse of the Services of Babel Travel & Business S.A. You are only allowed to use the products and / or services of Babel Travel & Business S.A. Licitly. Any breach by you of these Terms of Use or the General Conditions of the Services will result in termination of the licenses granted by Babel Travel & Business S.A.

Your account

When you use the products and / or services of Babel Travel & Business S.A. You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your account information and your email password, as well as restricting access to your computer, and you assume responsibility for any activity performed from your account or using your password. Babel Travel & Business S.A. Sells products and / or services for minors, but sells them to adults, who can purchase them with a credit card or other authorized payment method. If you are under 18 years of age, you may use the Services of Babel Travel & Business S.A. Only with the participation and involvement of one of their parents or guardians. Babel Travel & Business S.A. Reserves the right to deny the service, cancel accounts, remove or edit the content, or cancel orders at its sole discretion.

Opinions, comments, communications and other content

Customers may send communications and submit suggestions, ideas, comments, questions or other information, provided that the content of the same is not unlawful, obscene, threatening, defamatory, invasive of privacy, infringes intellectual property rights or otherwise Offensive to third parties or objectionable, does not consist of or contains computer viruses, political propaganda or advertising content, chain mail, mass mailing or constitutes any other type of spam. It is not permitted to use false e-mail addresses, to impersonate another person or entity, or to falsify in any other way the origin of any content. Babel Travel & Business S.A. Reserves the right (without being obliged to) to delete, modify or block the communications of its clients.

By emailing any content or submitting any material for publication, and unless otherwise noted, you grant to Babel Travel & Business S.A. The non-exclusive, free, perpetual, irrevocable and sublicensable right in favor of a third party, to use, reproduce, modify, adapt, publish, translate, create and exploit any derivative works and distribute and display its content throughout the world And through any means. You grant Babel Travel & Business S.A. And its sublicensees the right to use the name provided by you in relation to said content, if they so decide. You represent and warrant to be the owner or in any other way to control the full rights of the content that you could publish; That the content you provide is accurate; That the use of such content will not be in breach of this policy and will not prejudice any person or entity; And you will indemnify Babel Travel & Business S.A. With respect to any claims in connection with the content you provide Babel Travel & Business S.A. Has the right but not the obligation to monitor and edit or remove any activity or content. Babel Travel & Business S.A. Assumes no responsibility for any content posted by you or any third party. You agree not to bring any claim or action against Babel Travel & Business SA. In connection with any content posted by you or any material provided by you.

Intellectual Property Claims

Babel Travel & Business S.A. Respects the intellectual property of third parties. If you believe that your work has been reproduced in a way that constitutes an infringement of intellectual property rights, we request you to contact us to be reviewed via our Contact form.


Unless stated otherwise, the price displayed for any product and / or service of Babel Travel & Business S.A. Represents the final retail price to the public. The price listed on the products and / or services is suggested by the author, supplier, or estimated in accordance with industry standard practices; Or the estimated retail price for a comparable product offered elsewhere. Prices may vary according to the content and / or service required even in products and / or services of the same nature, the price shown in the list of products represents the lowest cost. As an additional benefit to our customers, some of our agents are authorized to offer prices, offers, agreements and discounts that may or may not match those listed on the website.


The option of return and / or refund for the management of unused visas does not apply since once the process has been initiated in the office of migrations of the Arab Emirates it can not be canceled and therefore can not be done Refund of the payment made.

IMPORTANT: If for any reason, you do not recognize this payment, please contact us directly.

DO NOT contact your bank or financial institution issuing your card, as this may generate additional charges for which we are not responsible and delay the process of any financial reimbursement.

Applicable legislation

These Terms of Use will govern and any controversy of any nature that may arise between you and Babel Travel & Business SA, the parties are subject to the laws and tribunals of the Republic of Argentina renouncing from now on any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them by reason of their Present or future domiciles.

Policies, modification and independence of provisions

Review the rest of our policies posted on this website. These policies also govern your use of the Services of Babel Travel & Business S.A. We reserve the right to make changes to our website, policies, General Conditions of the Services, and these Terms of Use at any time and the continued use of Babel Travel & Business SA Products and / or Services. You will credit your acceptance of such changes. If any of these conditions are held to be invalid, void, or unenforceable for any reason, such condition shall be deemed independent and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining conditions.

Exemption of Liability

Our company provides a service to facilitate the visa processing service to the United Arab Emirates, without guaranteeing in any way the result of the management of the same since the approval and issuance of the same is the exclusive competence of the office of Migrations of The United Arab Emirates.

For the management and issuance of the required visa, Babel Travel & Business SA through its website VISADUBAI.COM and / or its affiliated websites, advises the client and requires the necessary documentation for the purposes of processing .

Consular authorities have exclusive autonomy regarding visa issuance, document analysis, time, costs, study and approval or rejection of the visa.

In case of denial of the Visa there will be no reimbursement for the sums paid by the traveler as well as any economic detriment that this could cause. If the Visa is granted and the airport authorities of the destination country do not allow the entry, there will be no responsibility of our Company for these decisions.

Nor do we assume any responsibility if the immigration departments are closed and / or delay the delivery of the visa.

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