May 22, 2017


It is situated on the coast of the Persian Gulf, a few kilometers north of Dubai. It is the smallest Emirate, although in recent years it has developed rapidly, becoming one of the tourist destinations that prefer hundreds of tourists from around the world.

Thanks to the beautiful finds that have had notoriety mainly in recent years, historians and archaeologists concluded that the first settlers settled in Ajman, more than 5000 years ago. It was from there that alliances, relations with other countries and trade negotiations began. Nowadays, as a result of these attitudes towards trade, it has reached the highest levels.

This city has a privileged location as it is very close to the other Emirates which also attract a large influx of visitors. It is recognized locally by the seafaring customs of its inhabitants and has a large number of attractions as sensational natural sites. In addition, it has an excellent infrastructure to enjoy and use comfortably.

There you can visit its paradisiac beaches that offer clear waters and fine white sands, where during the day you can observe dolphins. Also visiting Ajman will be in direct contact with the culture and rich history of the Arab Emirates, touring its museums and sites of great interest that will help you to know this region in depth. It has a wide offer in accommodation, which have great amenities to be able to take advantage of an ideal stay during the stay on this site.

The following are the main tourist attractions of Ajman:

Ajman National Museum

It is the most outstanding museum of the city, by the fort where it is located. It is a unique place where you will be able to know not only the historical events but also the way of life, the utensils with which the different works were realized, the precious stones, the jewels and different artistic works of the time.

Fort of Ajman

The Ajman Fort was built in the late 18th century, built with unusual materials such as plaster, coral stones and tree trunks from Africa. This fort has been devastated in the 19th century as a result of British bombing. After a few years, reconstruction took place, in several stages since in the following periods it was also deteriorated. At the end of the 80’s during the last century, it was rebuilt to become a museum and offer a sample of the historical and cultural heritage of the United Arab Emirates.

Al Manama

Al Mnama is an agricultural region in the city of Ajman, located in a prominent position. From here you can visit sensational natural sites with easy access and breathtaking panoramic views of the main attractions of great impact that are presented.