May 22, 2017


For various reasons, tourism in Dubai is unforgettable. The luxurious city is located on the coast of the Persian Gulf in the United Arab Emirates, near its capital Abu Dhabi, which is 200 kilometers away, and is part of one of the seven Emirates. Located in the middle of the Arabian desert, Dubai has achieved the highest growth in the last ten years, and is one of the favorite places and continue to choose tourists from all over the world.

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It possesses a range of possibilities of enjoyment for all type of ages, its culture and customs Arabs intend to give to know to the rest of the world. So this beautiful city wishes to become a near future in a tourist place in the middle of the desert recognized worldwide. The tourists who choose this destination do it also to carry out shopping activities, to know the attractive between the old and the modern of the place.

Dubai is recognized by the Souk districts (markets located around the bay) and is popularly called the “shopping city” of the United Arab Emirates; It is there where daily haggling and trade negotiations are heard. You can also admire modern shops, electronics stalls, supermarkets, and other businesses that bargain as a lifestyle.

The presence of the historical culture can be glimpsed around the bay, where it divides the city into two areas, Deira and Bur Dubai. In these places you can see the classic aspects of Dubai.

In this destination you will find several points of interest of tourist relevance that are worth knowing. In addition, you can enjoy the beaches that have transparent waters, the nightlife, and more than 400 restaurants that allow you to know the diversity of Dubai itself.

Dubai is captivated by its modernism and the facilities it offers: the Oriente golf course, the world’s fifth on the surface; The luxurious Yacht Club; The magnificent beaches and fantastic hotels and restaurants of all kinds; And the commercial shops that envy the big cities. The immense projects of the future are Palm Islands, Burj Dubai, Pinnacle and Dubai International City, the highest skyscrapers in the world.

Main tourist attractions in Dubai

Shopping Festival

It is an event held during the month of January in the city of Dubai. During the celebration the whole population of the place, becomes a park of great tourist influx where they develop all type of purchases. In this celebration you will also be able to admire musical exhibitions, folk dances and art exhibitions that summon hundreds of visitors.

Burj Khalifa

It is the highest building in the world, with 832 meters of height, from where you will be able to appreciate a spectacular ponaramica view of Dubai of 360 degrees. It has 2 viewpoints, one on the 124th floor and another on the 148th floor, recently opened.

Burj al Arab

It is recognized worldwide for being the only hotel that has seven stars in its categorization. It has several restaurants at different heights within which stands the restaurant under the ocean.

Emirates Towers

It is a building that has two towers, one of a height of 355 meters, designated for offices, and another one of 309 meters destined to a five star hotel (Jumeirah Emirates Towers).

Palm Jumeirah

It is a group of artificial islands with a palm tree design, which was made in order to win land to the sea and become a breakwater. It is considered one of the most spectacular islands that have been built by man. It is mainly used for housing, for purposes of leisure and relaxation.