May 22, 2017


Fujairah is located in the middle of the mountains called Al Hajar, in the coastal area of the Gulf of Oman. The city of Fujairah surprises with its beautiful and extensive streets, adorned with architectural constructions of great modernism. Throughout the place you can appreciate the beautiful sculptures and beautiful fountains, it has a cozy and pleasant environment to relax, thanks to the minimal amount of skyscrapers that are in the city.


Also preserved are several monuments, sites of great interest and captivating museums that have a rich history. This destination attracts a large number of visitors due to its incomparable natural beauty, its extensive beaches and mineral sources that contain an important value.

In this Emirate you will find three tourist regions, the Ain Al-Gamur area, Al Ain Al Madhab and Vurraya. The beaches are also an excellent option for all types of tourists, as you can practice water sports and activities such as diving. Year after year hundreds of visitors are approaching to contemplate the charm of the underwater world.

Another option for tourists is to take a safari touring the desert with Jeep, participating in excursions in the mountains.

Shopping enthusiasts will be able to visit the numerous shops, as well as the popular Friday Market, which is located along the border of Sharjah.

For the more daring and those who wish to enjoy entertainment in non-traditional ways, they can attend the bullfights.

The following are the main tourist attractions of Fujairah:

Heritage Village

It is a traditional village that is in charge of showing the most typical customs, lifestyle, artistic works and folklore. It is developed with materials extracted from the adobe and palm trees. Its structure imitates a strong American boy from the West. Here the old extraction system is recreated to irrigate the crops of the oasis, you can admire several people in uniforms with the traditional dress of the place performing traditional dances, women singing typical songs with half their face covered as a ritual.

The Royal Fortress

The Royal Fortress was built during the 16th century, on top of a hill, belonging to the family group Seik Hamas Al Charki. It dominates an interesting oasis, with its ancestral population where the wealthy had houses of adobe and the most destitute lived in house built of wood of palms that had a particularity that the woods were located very close, to avoid the intense heat and during the winter More distant to breathe better.

The Archaeological Museum

The Museum has few rooms but it is very captivating and interesting to know. You can see there, outstanding elements of the prehistoric period as tombs, historical tools and sections intended for Neolithic sites. It also exhibits a large number of relics and special perfumes used to combat odors, precious stones, jewelry, beautiful collections of coins and crafts, among other things.

The Al Badiyah Mosque

It is located 8 kilometers to the north of the city of Fujairah. It is a simple and colonial construction made with materials such as brick and mud, which has four small domes. In this sacred place the faithful perform prayers and prayers. It is the structure with greater antiquity of the city, where is realized year after year the Festival of the Islamic Art.