May 22, 2017


It is the only Emirate to own coasts on the sides of the Persian Gulf, and is situated a few kilometers from the city of Dubai. In antiquity it was one of the wealthiest towns in the area, with settlements established around 5,000 years ago. The main territory has three counties in the East Coast region, namely Khor Kaffan, Kalba and Dibba Al-Hush, which are located opposite the Gulf of Oman.


Within the city Sharjah has impressive sites like Khor Fakkan as it is considered one of the most wonderful landscapes of the United Arab Emirates. It has incredible mountains and extensive beaches with fine golden sands. Its waters are crystalline that during dawns and in the evening they manage to form a beautiful natural landscape.

In addition there are various offers in terms of accommodation, as it will be possible to find luxury hotel establishments dreamed and also hotels more accessible for all types of tourists who want to enjoy this destination.

An excellent option to visit and visit the spectacular shopping center that is located at the end of the promenade. In this center you can get any product you want to buy, whether it be clothing, fish, all kinds of food, vegetables and a lot of items to carry as souvenirs of the place.

This destination is famous for having the best centers of Islamic education, declared as the capital of Arab culture by Unesco because of its great historical heritage and traditional cultural values.

The constructions in this Emirate are lower and simpler, providing an important change in contrast to the futuristic skyscrapers of the most popular cities of the country. It also has a wide range of shopping centers and shops such as Crystal Plaza and Blue Souq, which have several designer shops that closely resemble Dubai.

For those who wish to live a little known experience in Arabia, you can not miss the city of Sarja. This Emirate offers ample alternatives for the enjoyment of the whole family. How to appreciate the religion, visiting the famous Noor Al Mosque or making flights over the exciting Khaled Lagoon, to live experiences that will remain in the memory. You will also be able to explore activities in full nature within the forest of the Maglares (the oldest of the area) as this destination has a wonderful location