May 22, 2017

Umm Al-Quwain

It is located in the northern region of the country. It covers an area of approximately eight hundred square kilometers, and extends through the most beautiful mangroves and the most exuberant coasts of the Persian Gulf. During the months from November to March this destination has an excellent temperature, averaging twenty-six degrees during the course of the day. Rain throughout the year is scarce and it is highly recommended to stay on the coast to enjoy the wonderful sea breeze.


In this Emirate you will be able to realize the typical and common activities like camel riding, fishing, falconry and development of sailboats with two or three masts. If you want to observe the incredible construction of the boats, they will have to go towards the patio. There you will be able to admire how the artisans realize this type of activities, for the development of the traditional boats that at the moment continue being constructed.

Also for visitors who want to know the historical heritage of the city, another option is a beautiful tour of the colonial town (in the surroundings of the Fort) where you can glimpse the native architecture of the city.

Currently the activities that are commonly recommended are visit and navigate the lagoons near the route and enjoy the peace of this beautiful site, the sound of the waves that offer one of the most enjoyable experiences to enjoy in Umm Al-Quwain.

In this destination you will be surprised to visit the Dhow Yard, located in the southern region of the old town, where you can observe the workers working in the shipyard. They continue to use classic techniques for shipbuilding in wood.

Among the highlights of the city that are worth knowing are the Dream Land Aqua Park, Umm A-Quwain Fort, the national museum and Granada Cinema.