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Flights in Dubai airport connections:

In case of flight with stopover in Dubai and must remain in the Airport in transit, it is essential to take into account the following details:

Destination of luggage:

In the event that the arrival or departure flight from Dubai was connected to another destination, even if they had several hours of waiting at Dubai Airport, they should always indicate at the time of dispatch at the airline’s counter the final destination They had

Example: flight in connection Buenos Aires / Dubai (connection) / Istanbul

It should be noted in Buenos Aires that the final destination is Istanbul for the luggage to arrive directly to Istanbul.

If, in these cases, the final destination of Dubai is incorrectly indicated, with a single entry visa to the Emirates, they will not be able to leave the luggage, which will then remain in Dubai.

If they left to remove their luggage (carrying out all immigration procedures), having a single entry visa, they would lose the right to enter Dubai again (to have tourist services in Dubai) since they would use the visa with only one entry available.

The same happens if a passenger arrives with a company to Dubai (for example EMIRATES) and has a connection with another company (for example QATAR). In these cases it is necessary to re-check and remove the luggage, which should have a visa even if they do not leave the airport, as they should make migrations to pick up the luggage and re-check with the next airline.

Lounges (Lounge):

At Dubai Airport there are lounges in both Terminal 1 and 3, so you can be more comfortable. They have a cost per hour that must be paid at destination. The cost will depend on how many hours you stay in it.

In case of using the lounges and having a single entry visa, in NO way should you leave the airport  (migrations) since you would be using the only visa you have and when you return to take the services contracted in the Emirates you will not have the Corresponding visa for entry. The visa can not be managed at destination, and you would be at risk of being deported

You can use the lounges, regardless of the class in which you travel and it does not require prior reservation. Remember that it is a service with cost.

Both rooms (Terminal 1 and 3) have the following amenities:

* Business Center: computers with internet access, Wi-Fi, Fax and telephone.

* Food and Beverages: selection of Arab and continental food with a variety of hot and cold drinks.

Also, depending on the connection hours you have to take the next flight, we recommend making a reservation at the hotel located in the transit area (no migration required) in Terminals 1 and 3, a service that we can offer you in case you need it.

Passengers born BEFORE 1925 – Visa Duba Special Requirements Older adults born before 1925 must travel accompanied by a direct relative (children, spouses born after this year) or by any family member bearing the same surname as the older adult.

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