What data do I have to take into account when hiring a visa to Dubai online?

As you may have noticed by searching the web, there are several companies that can process the visa to Dubai on your behalf. We believe that before hiring the processing of your visa to the Arab Emirates you have to take into account the following points:

  • Make it a secure website: The only way to verify that a page is secure is through an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate serves to provide security to the visitor of your website, a way to tell your customers that the site is authentic, real and reliable to enter personal data. The acronym SSL responds to the terms in English Secure Socket Layer, a security protocol that makes its data travels of integral and safe way, the transmission of the data between a server and user Web, and in feedback, is totally encrypted. That the data travels encrypted means that we use mathematical algorithms and a system of keys that are only identified between the person who is browsing and the server. By having an SSL certificate, your data is encrypted, and we can ensure that no one else can read its contents. You can verify at the beginning of the URL of our site in your browser that www.visadubai.com uses this technology and has been certified as a secure site (you will see a padlock in the navigation bar of your computer before the address of our page
  • The online collection engine is a recognized company: We work with Paypal, one of the largest payment platforms in the world. Your payments will be protected and will be made in a very simple way, with any credit card in 1 payment for the detailed amount. You should NOT have an account in Paypal, you only have to upload your credit card details online and in a totally secure way. This does not have any additional cost for you.
  • The company in charge of the Visa is recognized in the market : In our case we are the one of the most important brands specialized in this service, with our own offices in Latin America and the United Arab Emirates. You will have a double endorsement before any inconvenience, the one of Babel Travel Latin America and Treasures Travel Dubai. More than 10 years of experience support both companies in the international tourism market.

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