What is the price of a visa for Dubai?

The cost of the visa to Dubai is USD 170 per person for the normal procedure, which allows up to 14 days in the Emirates. In the case of needing to be between 14 and 30 days the cost of the visa is USD 190. In case of requiring an Express Procedure (it takes 7 business days to process the visa) you must add a USD 50 PLUS to these amounts. Contracting your visa to Dubai through our site you should NOT make any security deposit, as our company is responsible for processing the visa, nor should you hire any additional services such as hotels or excursions. You will only pay the cost of the visa described above. The amount of your purchase will be made through the payment with credit card through PAYPAL (the world leader in Internet charges) with the greatest control over your data and the PAYMENT INSURANCE guarantee. Our site has the latest encryption technology available to ensure that all your transactions over the Internet are secure. None of our customers have reported fraudulent use of their credit card as a result of purchases made on our site. Our Company does not store the credit card data of its users once the sale has been made. For this reason, each time the user makes a transaction, you must enter your credit card details again. All our providers are subject to confidentiality agreements that prohibit the unauthorized use or disclosure of the information to which they have access. Our Company does not sell to third parties “user lists” or individual member names, and does not intend to do so in the future, thereby guaranteeing your privacy. Prices in all cases are FINAL and per visa. All prices are in US dollars. In your credit card summary, your charge will be expressed in US dollars and will be converted by your credit card to the local currency of your country at the official exchange rate on your card’s payday

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