What is the processing time of the visa?

After you complete the visa application, our team will review it and get back to you quickly. The processing time of the visa is 7 working days unless you have decided to process your express visa, in which case the deadline is 2 business days. Remember that in the Arab Emirates the working days are from Sunday to Thursday (Friday and Saturday are NOT working days, ie they will NOT be counted as business days). Please note that the Dubai visa expires, so the processing of your visa will begin 30 days before your entry to the United Arab Emirates. From that number of days you must wait 7 working days to receive your visa securely via email (or 2 business days in case of in case of express visa). You can hire the visa processing service with our company up to one year in advance of your trip, but remember that we can start with the visa management 30 days before your arrival in the Emirates.

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